Welcome to FairHaven

You stand in a wide courtyard, in the Old World style. In the center is a bubbling fountain, with a low bench around the base where you may take your rest. To the North are the double doors of the Great Hall, flung wide to welcome you. To the East is the Hall of Peace, a place of solitude and reflection. To the West is the Hall of Thought, the center of Philosophy in this estate. To the South is the Gate, with the Hall of Merriment to the SouthEast and the Hall of the Lord and Lady to the SouthWest. This is the home of Talvin and Dianna, or, if you prefer, Eric and Jane. Enter, and be welcome.

Courtyard of FairHaven

NORTH to the Great Hall
WEST to the Hall of Thought
Library of quotes
SOUTHWEST to the Hall of the Lord and Lady
Got Religion?